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VPN Secured

Every Booster uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure your account is safely protected from RIOT games.

Live Chat with your Booster

Your order includes a real time chat with the booster responsible for your order. You can ask him anything regarding your boost.

Set Time limit

For every order, there is a set time frame in which the order has to be completed. If the boost is not finished in time, you get 30% of the payment back and the job will still be finished either way.

Choose yours Positions and Champions!

You can chose the champions and positions you prefer before starting the order! That way our boosters are going to prioritize them if possible! We want to provide the best experience possible for our customers.


We are definetely the cheapest boosting site there is and will continue to be. We provide fast and efficient boosts, which are done by handpicked diamond 1 ,master and challenger players . Our priority is your safety, so the boosters are always going to be from the same region as you and nothing will ever be traced back to you.

Have any questions?

Ask the customer service anything regarding your problems! We are online 24/7.

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