Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions and you cannot find the answer anywhere above, please contact our LIVE customer support and they will answer any extra questions or concerns you may have.

Yes, after placing your order, when modifying it you can enter all the special requests you have in the Options area and the booster will try and follow what you want to their best ability.

If you are satisfied with your booster's work, you can tip them any amount you like and they will receive its full worth.

Not if you do not want them to. You can choose for the booster to play with offline chat, which means all in-game chat is disabled.

Yes, but do not worry. Our boosters will only change one page of your runes if needed in order to aid them more in completing your order as best as possible.

That means that your MMR is low and for that we recommend choosing the wins options for improving your MMR instead of the division one as it it much more suitable for you.

Sadly no, we do not give refunds, but if you were in any way dissatisfied please contact our customer support.

No, due to our fixed prices any bonus ranks the booster achieves are on the house.

We are currently on the  following servers:  EU West and EU North-East, North America

Do not worry. Please contact our customer support, and our staff will help you if possible.

Yes, you can modify your order any way you like. If you are in your promos we suggest ordering 2-3 wins instead of a division boost. If the booster by any chance loses and drops  out of your promos, he is obliged to re-enter and win them or pass the taks to another capable booster.

Credit and DebitCard, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Yes, but first you need to select the duoQ option when placing your order. If that condition is not met you will not be able to duoQ.

After the transaction is complete, please register on our site and log into your account or create a new one via  email. One logged in, modify the order to your liking and when you are done we will begin the boost.

Yes you can, but we ask you not to log in while our booster is working on it, and when you do play on it please avoid playing ranked games before the boost is complete as it counteracts what we are trying to do for you.

That will not happen. Our boosters are professionals who represent our website in the best light possible. Feel free to leave your review of the booster after your order is complete. If it happens for a booster to have a negative review score from multiple customers they will stop receiving orders and our website will no longer be affiliated with them.

Yes, if you are discontent with your booster, contact us immediately and we will reassign your order to our next available booster.

Yes, we provide a built-in chatroom which you can find on your dashboard where you can reach your booster with any questions or comments.

Time needed is different for each order. It depends on the type of boost and the number of games/divisions ordered. There are also some uncontrollable  elements like patches, server status or some other unexpected events. Nevertheless, be sure that we will do everything we can to complete your boost as soon as possible.

Account theft is something that we take very seriously. Even thought it is relatively impossible for it do happen due to email protection of your account, we still take severe measures to protect your information.

Unless permitted by you, boosters are forbidden from using your IP/RP. Only in cases when a booster needs an in-game purchase to hasten the service, can they message you and wait for your permission, which you are not obliged to give them.

Normally, we assign only one booster per account, so only them are able to access and play on your account. However, in rare cases when a booster cannot continue playing due to an emergency, another talented booster will take over for them, guaranteeing the timely completion of your order.

In order to obtain higher MMR ( matchmaking rating ) or improve your rank, you can choose one of our numerous soloQ or dynamicQ services which include ranked games, wins or duoQ. After acquiring your user information and  payment for the boost, we assign one of our many Master/Challenger boosters to your order which you can modify to your liking and they will immediately start boosting your account